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HEPA Filtration: An Easy, Thorough Way To Upgrade Your Indoor Air

HEPA filtration is a simple method to substantially improve the quality of your indoor air, which affects the health and comfort of you and your loved ones on a daily

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Programmable Thermostat: What The New Generation Has To Offer

Every generation thinks of itself as smarter and more capable than the previous generation. While that may not be accurate when it comes to people, it certainly is the case

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Where The Ductwork Won’t Go, Your Ductless Mini-Split Delivers

When you’re planning a renovation or adding more livable space, heating and cooling it can become an issue, especially if it would be difficult or expensive to extend ducts from

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Whatever The Weather, A Surge Protector Keeps Your Electronics And Appliances Out Of Harm’s Way

Anything that has electronic components needs surge protection. This includes not only obvious items like TVs and computers, but also any other appliances with electronic components, such as your washer

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With R-22 Prices Rising, Are You Better Off Just Replacing Your A/C?

If your old air conditioning system is in need of repair, or simply needs topped off with Freon before the heat of summer, you may be in for an unpleasant

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Air Filters: Get Your New Ones Ready, Because The Cooling Season Requires That You Change Them Often

Now that spring is well underway, make sure you check your HVAC system’s air filter before putting your air conditioner or heat pump into use for the cooling season. Any

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Air Conditioner Maintenance: Avoid 5 Risks Of Neglecting Your System

Proper air conditioner maintenance keeps you cool and saves you money. Air conditioners are large, complicated machines that potentially consume more power than any other appliance in your home. Here

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Take Advantage Of A Dehumidifier’s Ability To Control Indoor Humidity

Now that the cooling season is nearly upon us in Indiana, humidity will increasingly become an issue for homeowners. Though air conditioners and heat pumps can control humidity levels to

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Indoor Air Quality: 5 Easy Tips To Keep Allergies To A Minimum

With the arrival of spring comes an increase in allergy symptoms for many Indiana residents. The good news is that there are quite a few ways to make allergy season

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Peace Of Mind With A Hartman Brothers Preventive Maintenance Plan

After making a substantial investment in home heating and cooling equipment, you want to be sure these devices run well and last as long as possible. A preventive maintenance plan

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