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Duct Sizing: An Important Step To Ensuring A High-Quality HVAC Installation

When installing a new HVAC system, you must consider more than just the specifications of the equipment itself. The layout of your home, zone systems and duct sizing are also

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A/C Operating Tips That Boost Savings All Summer Long

Another hot, humid Indiana summer is just around the corner. Is your wallet ready for higher cooling bills? Implementing just a few A/C operating tips can help you improve energy

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Need To Control Air Quality? Try Air Purification

Maintaining good indoor air quality is important for your family’s health, especially if you have a tightly sealed home. Ventilation is important for circulating fresh air through your home, and

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The Zoning System: A Home Amenity That Promotes Family Harmony

In many homes, the thermostat can become a miniature, wall-mounted battlefield. One person will turn the temperature up, and minutes later a spouse or sibling will turn the temperature down

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The Geothermal Heat Pump: Weighing Your Initial Investment Against Long-Term Savings

If you’d like one of the most efficient ways of heating and cooling your Indiana home, you can’t do any better than a geothermal heat pump. These tap into the

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Easy Ways To Hold Down Your Energy Bills As The Weather Heats Up

Keeping your home comfortable in the heat of the summer can result in high energy bills. However, you can take steps to reduce your cooling costs by undertaking some simple

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Minimizing Your Risk Of Water Damage When The A/C’s Going 24/7

While your central air conditioner produces cool air out of sight — usually in the attic or a closet — the coils in your A/C unit are busy producing something

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Load Calculation: Sizing An A/C Is The Most Important Step — After Selecting An Efficient System

When you’re choosing a new air conditioner, the two most important issues facing you are selecting the air conditioner that offers ideal efficiency, and the load calculation, which determines the

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