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Air Leaks In Your Home? Stop Wasting Money

If your home has air leaks, you’re throwing away your hard-earned money in unnecessary energy costs. Air leaks allow for the cooled or heated air to escape and the outside

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Duct Cleaning: A Job Best Left To The Pros

By keeping your home clean, you also help keep your indoor air free of dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants that can trigger allergy attacks, asthma and other respiratory problems.

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How The EnergyGuide Label Can Lead To Long-Term Savings

Buying new HVAC equipment, appliances, electronic devices and other products can be an expensive undertaking. As you are comparing and selecting possible purchases, you can find valuable guidance on the

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Your Air Conditioning’s Doing The Job, But Can You Explain How It Works?

When the temperature soars, the relief from your air conditioner is much appreciated. Air conditioners work very much like large refrigerators, cooling the inside of your home the way a

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Lower Your Home’s Cooling Load, Lighten Your Energy Bills

Every home has a cooling load, the amount of cooling required to keep the interior at the temperature its occupants prefer. Characteristics of your home such as size, directional orientation

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Your Air Conditioner And Ceiling Fans: Together, They Work Better

Improving the efficiency of your home cooling will not only make you and your family more comfortable, it will also reduce your monthly energy bills. Using a ceiling fan in

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Buying A Heat Pump? Take A Look At These Advanced Features

If you’ve been considering buying a heat pump for your home heating and cooling needs, you’ve probably already found out how efficient these systems can be. As heat pump technology

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Those Hefty Energy Tax Credits: Still Active For Geothermal

Installing a geothermal heat pump in your home is a high-quality investment in energy efficiency. For homeowners who want to make the switch to geothermal heating and cooling, there are

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Standby Power: The Silent Drain On Your Energy Budget

When you shut off your appliances, electronics or other energy-consuming devices, you might think they’re no longer using power. Turning off lights and equipment you aren’t using is definitely a

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