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Insulating And Sealing: A Late-Summer Project That Will Pay Off This Winter

Insulating and sealing your home in late-summer or fall will help ensure that you stay warm and cozy during the cold Indiana winter. Stopping air leaks and adding insulation will

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A UV Light System: Because Mold- And Germ-Free Air’s A Priority

Installing a UV light system inside your home’s ductwork is a proven method for destroying bacteria, viruses and mold. Otherwise these microorganisms may otherwise spread and proliferate, causing illnesses and

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The Hartman Brothers 10-Year Installation Warranty — Because We Stand Behind Our Work

The Hartman Brothers’ 10-year Installation Warranty has your back where the manufacturer’s warranty leaves off. Your new HVAC equipment incorporates technology that provides a trouble-free expected service life that lasts longer

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When Your Ductwork Needs Attention: Giveaway Signs

If you’re having difficulty maintaining consistent home comfort, it could be that your ductwork needs attention. Look and listen for these giveaway signs of inefficient ductwork, and fix the problems

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Beating The Energy Vampires That Are Overpowering Your Indiana Home

Devices such as chargers, computers and DVD players that continue to use electricity when they are turned off are referred to as “energy vampires.” Sometimes, having a device that’s not

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Ignore Your Attic Insulation, And It Will Cost You

Ignore your attic insulation, and it will cost you across the board with higher utility bills, increased strain on HVAC equipment, possible roof damage and compromising your home comfort with

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Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance: Here’s What Your HVAC Technician Will Do

In homes and businesses where ductwork isn’t the ideal choice, there’s always the option to install a ductless mini-split. Such systems provide a convenient, cost-effective way to heat and cool

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Geothermal Energy: How Does ‘Free’ Sound?

Geothermal energy is heat within the Earth, contained in the ground, rock or water. Tapping into this heat gives you a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to heat and

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An Energy Tax Credit For A Geothermal Heat Pump? Take It To The Bank

How do you win the war against increasing costs for cooling and heating your home? If you’re considering an HVAC system upgrade, a good place to start is a geothermal

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