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3 Must-Have Furnace Features To Look For When Upgrading

New developments in heating technology have allowed manufacturers to add furnace features that improve energy efficiency and home comfort. However, not every new furnace has all of these features, so

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How To Buy A Boiler And Maximize Energy Savings

Learning how to buy a boiler is a rite of passage for many homeowners. Because this is not a purchase that needs to be made often, you might have to

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A Professional Energy Evaluation: Listen To What The Results Tell You

A professional energy evaluation tells you how energy efficient your home is. With the results provided by various tests, you can decide what types of home improvements and weatherization steps

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Winterizing Your Home For Cooler Weather In The Allen County Area

Winterizing your home will not only help eliminate those uncomfortable drafts, it can also save you money. Winters in Indiana can be pretty severe, but if you’re prepared you can

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Energy-Savings Myths: Don’t Get Caught Up In Practices That Counter Savings

With another Indiana winter approaching, energy savings is a hot topic these days. However, there are several energy-savings myths that you need to know about before you waste your time

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Fall Furnace Tune-Ups: Schedule Yours Now, Benefit All Winter Long

A fall furnace tune-up is one of the best ways to prepare your heating system for winter. After getting a break all summer long, your heating system needs to be

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Choosing An HVAC Contractor? Why Hartman Brothers Shines

Choosing an HVAC contractor can be challenging, but Hartman Brothers makes it easy with our three-point promise. Whether you purchase a new system or sign up for annual maintenance, you

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Installing A New Furnace? Tips To Ensure The Process Goes Smoothly

Installing a new furnace is a task that should always be left to the professionals, but you should know what to look for in a contractor to be sure the

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A Summertime Power Outage: Are You Prepared?

Summer storms are a fact of life in the Fort Wayne area, where the weather can be unpredictable. Along with damage from heavy rain and winds, these storms can also

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