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Tips For Energy Savings This Winter

Indiana’s often severe winters demand a lot from your heating system. That can leave you with high energy bills unless you take steps to maximize your energy savings. Some of

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The Ductless Mini Split: All The Advantages Of A Heat Pump, And More

If you heat your Indiana home with electricity, you may have heard that a heat pump is your most energy-efficient option. While this is often true, if you find a

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Poor Indoor Air Quality? Electronic Air Cleaners Can Change That

Airborne debris in your Indiana home can worsen allergies and asthma, cause odors, and allow mold and mildew to spread. While standard fiberglass HVAC filters protect your system from dirt,

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Do You See The Giveaway Signs Of Ductwork Problems In Your Home?

Your HVAC ducts may be working silently, but that doesn’t mean they’re working efficiently. Ductwork problems are so common that in the average Indiana home, between 20 to 40 percent

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Annual Service For Your HVAC System Is Peace Of Mind

Indiana’s harsh winters and sweltering summers keep your HVAC system working hard for much of the year. Those long months of heavy use make professional, annual service for your HVAC

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The Right Way To Deal With Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are costly, messy hassle, but Indiana’s cold winters mean they’re something you should be prepared for. By knowing how to thaw pipes safely and efficiently, you can prevent

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Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Clean Air Filters

Hidden away inside your Indiana home’s HVAC system, your air filter performs an important job. To do that job well, though, the filter must be clean. Ensuring your system is

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Geothermal Heating And Cooling: The Go-To System When Switching Out Your Furnace

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are the most energy-efficient home comfort systems you can buy. Rather than burning fossil fuels for heating or using ozone-depleting refrigerants for cooling, a geothermal

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