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Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel System: Is It For Your Northeastern Indiana Home?

If you’re in need of a new heating system for your Northeast Indiana home, consider a hybrid heat dual fuel system. These combine the efficiency advantages of heat pumps with

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Programmable Thermostats: 6 Tips For Optimal Performance

Programmable thermostats pack a powerful energy-saving punch. Use these six tips for optimal heating and cooling performance while maintaining home comfort:

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New Furnace Efficiency Standards In 2013 Will Affect Indianans

The new furnace efficiency standards set for 2013 will require more efficient furnaces to be installed in new construction and when existing furnaces are replaced. The requirements vary based on

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Burning Furnace Odor? Analyze The Source

Winter in Northeast Indiana can be long and cold, requiring the furnace to run 24/7. If your furnace has been properly maintained, chances are it will make it through the

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Maintain Your Whole-House Humidifier Throughout Indiana’s Long Winter

A whole house humidifier can provide comfort to your home during the winter season. Bringing more moisture into a dry home can ward off illness, help your furniture and wood

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Hazards Of Car Starts In Your Garage: Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Many people make a habit of warming their car up by turning on the ignition and letting the car run for a while inside their garage when the air turns

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If You’re Shopping For A Furnace, Look For High-Efficiency Features In The Replacement

A new furnace is an investment that will have a financial impact on your family’s budget for many years. If you’re shopping for a furnace, the process does not have

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Attic Insulation: One Weapon Against The Winter Chill

Indiana’s cold winters quickly run up your heating bills if you don’t take steps to improve your home’s energy efficiency. One of the most cost-effective home improvements you can make

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Boost Energy Efficiency At Home With Duct Sealing

Duct sealing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your HVAC system’s efficiency. In the average Indiana home, around 20 percent of conditioned air is wasted

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Protect Your Family With Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If you use fuels such as natural gas, oil or wood in your Indiana home, installing reliable carbon monoxide detectors could someday save your loved ones’ lives.

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