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HVAC Odors Got You Worried? 5 Possible Causes

HVAC odors can be alarming, and while they sometimes signal the presence of a serious underlying problem, that’s not always the case. Here is an overview of the five most

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Understanding Your Utility Bill Can Help You Save

When your utility bill arrives, do you routinely submit the amount next to the dollar sign, or do you take the time to actually read the bill? Unfortunately, many homeowners

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Your Heat Pump Will Soon Be Due For Spring Maintenance: Here’s What Needs Checking

In the spring before your heat pumps switches over to its cooling function, a yearly maintenance check is a good idea. An HVAC professional will inspect the unit for rust,

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4 Key Ways To Ensure Air Quality In The Indiana Home You’re Planning To Build Or Remodel

Homeowners have become increasingly aware of the hidden dangers associated with poor indoor air quality and are taking the necessary steps to ensure that their homes are filled with fresh,

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Tax Credits For Energy Efficiency Upgrades: They’re Restored, And They’re Retroactive

Back in 2009, tax credits for energy efficiency upgrades were enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. These tax credits motivated Americans across the country to replace

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What Smart Thermostats Can Do Will Amaze You

Homeowners who are looking for ways to save energy and money – which describes nearly anyone who owns a home – look no further. With the use of smart thermostats,

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Is A Dual-Fuel System Right For Your Indiana Home? Run The Numbers

A dual-fuel system combines the best attributes of combustion furnaces with an air-source heat pump and helps you save energy throughout the heating season. In the winter, a heat pump extracts heat

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Putting In A Furnace: No Job For The Home Handyman

While there are a multitude of home improvement projects that homeowners might want to attempt themselves, putting in a furnace usually isn’t one of them. First and foremost is the

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Going With A Heat Pump System? Get Your Fort Wayne Home Ready First

If you’re getting ready to install a heat-pump system in your Fort Wayne home, you’ll ensure peak performance and optimal home comfort by first prepping your home. Prepping the home involves

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