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Keep Spring Allergies at Bay With These 9 Indoor Air Quality Tips

In all likelihood, you and everyone else in your Fort Wayne area home are breathing relatively dirty air, and you don’t even know it. But don’t panic — getting control

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Upgrading to a Zoning System: Why You Should Consider It For Your Indiana Home

If your home is difficult to cool and heat consistently, or you have family members who disagree on a comfortable temperature, you should consider a zoning system for your Indiana home.

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When Air Cleaners Need Cleaning, Here’s What to Do

Electronic air cleaners can be an integral component for any homeowner’s indoor air quality strategy – if the systems are clean. With allergy season on the way, make sure you’re

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Keep Your Energy Costs Under Control With These Practical Pointers

Keeping your energy costs down during the cooling season in the Fort Wayne area could be as easy as keeping your air conditioner clean and well maintained. The U.S. Department

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What’s Your Air Filter IQ? Some Tips to Boost Your Knowledge

Although every forced-air heating and cooling system utilizes some sort of air filter, the first function of these devices is to protect your equipment from large particulate matter – not to

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Indoor Air Quality Not What It Should Be? Get Tough on These Biocontaminants

On a quest to reduce energy costs and preserve the environment, people are attempting to seal every possible source of airflow into their homes. While this does increase the efficiency

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Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance This Spring

Warmer weather is on its way, and it won’t be long before you’re running your air conditioner almost nonstop. Is it up to the task? After collecting dust all winter,

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Air Conditioning Season Isn’t Far Away: Explore High-Efficiency Options

New air conditioning systems available to homeowners today are performance-driven workhorses, yet deliver quieter operation and greater home comfort than models made just a decade ago. If you’re ready to

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Geothermal Energy Basics: A Renewable Resource for Heating or Cooling

Geothermal energy has emerged in recent decades as one of the best solutions for clean, safe and renewable energy generation around the planet. The U.S. has some of the best

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