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Air Filters, Trapped Particles and MERV Ratings: What They Have to Do With IAQ

With indoor air pollution listed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as one of today’s top five environmental health risks, this is a problem that homeowners should not ignore. Air filters for your

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Duct Problems: Here’s How to Identify Them

There are many different air duct problems that can affect your heating and cooling system. Each one has different signs that can help with diagnosis of the problem. Here are

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Insulation: Is Yours Ready for the Heating Season?

A long cold Indiana winter can cause your heating bills to skyrocket if your home isn’t properly insulated. The heat from you home will always move to colder areas, including

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Fall Maintenance: It’s That Time Again

Your home will weather the winter better when you prepare it by performing fall maintenance before temperatures plummet. Freezing temperatures and howling winds can spell trouble for your Fort Wayne

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Attaining Balanced Humidity All Four Seasons

Having balanced humidity in your Ft. Wayne area home is a challenge with average outside humidity levels ranging from 40-90 percent. Although it’s a challenge, having the right humidity level

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Save on Energy Use by Using This Calculation

Much has been said about conserving energy in recent years, which is important for many reasons, from trimming your bills to better conserving finite natural resources. The good news is

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Geothermal Benefits, Beyond Mere Savings

A geothermal heat pump system should be one of your choices if you’re building a new home or replacing a worn-out heating and cooling system. The cost of installing a

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When You Turn the A/C Off for the Year, Do Some Maintenance

When summer winds down, it is time to think about end-of-season air conditioning care. The steps you take in the fall can help protect your A/C through the cooler months.

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