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UV Lights: What Kind of Maintenance Is Required?

UV lights shine brightly against airborne pathogens that infiltrate your home’s heating and cooling system. Hospitals and other medical facilities have long utilized the disinfecting power of certain wavelengths of

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Two-Stage Furnace? Here’s Why It Makes Sense in Our Climate

Shopping around for a new furnace this season? When you want to increase home comfort and decrease energy bills, consider a two-stage furnace. The gas valve inside such a furnace has

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Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel System: Why It’s an Efficient Solution

Most homes use a single primary form of heating, and are tied to whatever costs or inefficiencies those may incur – gas price spikes in a gas furnace, for example,

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Zoning System Shopping? Answer These Questions Before You Choose

Many homeowners struggle with a constant temperature battle inside the home. Some rooms are too hot, some are too cold, and when the thermostat is adjusted, conditions still seem to

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Heat Pump Performance: It’s All About the Balance Point

No boiler, furnace or electric-resistance heating system manufactured today can deliver greater heating efficiency than your air source heat pump. So, if your heating bills are suspiciously high, the settings

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Is a Ventilation System in Your Future? Four Things to Aim for With Your Installation

Whole-house ventilation can be an integral and productive part of your HVAC system. In addition to supplying fresh air, it improves indoor air quality.

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Following These Programming Guidelines for Your Thermostat Can Help You Save

A programmable thermostat is a great tool to help you save energy usage and money if you use it correctly. It’s not so great if you don’t. Here are some

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For Greater Energy Savings, Your Fort Wayne Home’s Systems Should Work Together

A smart way to boost energy savings in your Fort Wayne area home is to view it as an entire system, rather than a collection of parts. A weakness in

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