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Your Indoor-Air Quality: a 7-Step Dust-Busting Strategy

There are plenty of things you can do to reduce the amount of dust in your air. Here are seven tips to improve your indoor-air quality while cleaning.

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Winter Energy-Saving Tips to Take the Chill out of Those Bills

Rather than gasping when you receive your monthly energy bill, use a few winter energy-saving tips to keep cold-month home costs at bay. Some measures aren’t as obvious as others; however,

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Boiler Sounding Like It’s Got Issues? Tips for Finding the Cause

Boiler issues are no laughing matter in the middle of a northern Indiana cold spell; neither are the ominous noises signaling a troubled system. Use these tips to help quickly

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Programming Your Heat Pump’s Thermostat: It’s Different

In homes heated by a furnace, setting the temperature back at night ensures energy savings. That’s not necessarily the case with a heat pump, however. In order to avoid turning

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Energy Efficient HVAC Equipment: Read All About It

When you’re ready to replace your older HVAC equipment with newer, more efficient appliances, you’ll want to choose products that have earned the Energy Star. Each year, the average household

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Gas vs. Oil Furnaces: What Are The Pros and Cons of Each?

If your old furnace has finally given out or you’re planning on building a home, you may find yourself wading into the debate over natural gas vs. oil furnaces. This

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Heating the Garage: What Are Your Options?

With another frigid Fort Wayne winter looming, many homeowners wonder if heating the garage is viable. They may want to use the garage as a work- or playroom, or for

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Protect Your A/C This Winter

As winter months approach, you’ll want to include a bit of off-season maintenance for your outside A/C condensing unit. Though you may be tempted to let the condenser sit uncovered

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Get Tough With Heat Loss in Your Fort Wayne Area Home

If you have a couple of hours free this weekend, you can do a quick check of your home for sources of heat loss. It doesn’t take much time to

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