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Here’s How Higher-Efficiency Air Filters Make Sense for Your Budget

Despite their initial higher purchase price, higher-efficiency air filters can save you money in the long run, as compared to using standard-quality air filters in your forced-air heating or cooling

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My Furnace Is Blowing Cool Air; What to Do?

Keeping a comfortable home environment is vital during the cold season, so having a furnace that’s blowing cool air is something you’ll obviously want to avoid. Usually, annual furnace tune-ups help prevent

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Are Gas Furnace Efficiency Standards Going Up in States With Colder Winters?

About 40 percent of the energy consumed by the U.S. residential sector is for space heating purposes. That makes raising gas furnace efficiency standards a huge target for improving energy

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WiFi Thermostats Make the Most of New Remote Technology

When it comes to heating and cooling a home, proper efficiency and comfort are two major goals. One easy but effective upgrade that you can install to improve both of

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Before Replacing a Furnace, 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Before you replace the heart of your HVAC system, the furnace, it’s a good idea to learn about the three main factors that should help in your decision: size, fuel,

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True or False? These Geothermal Myths Are Not to be Believed

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are gaining in popularity in the United States. They provide energy-efficient heating in the summer, by transferred heat energy from a few feet underground into

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Ice Dams Are a Pain, and Expensive Too: Learn How to Prevent Them

If you haven’t had an ice dam on your roof, consider yourself lucky. These home wreckers can cause all kinds of damage to your roof, attic, ceilings and walls. They are

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Why Your Home’s Heat Pump Has a Defrost Cycle

Your heat pump is responsible for maintaining an even and comfortable temperature throughout your home. The system has two cycles that are responsible for heating and cooling, as well as a defrost cycle used to

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