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Maintenance Tips to Make Sure that Your Heat Pump is Working Correctly

An inefficient heat pump can greatly affect how much you pay for your heating and cooling costs. Taking the time to make sure that your heat pump is working as

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Time for Your HVAC System’s Seasonal Maintenance

Spring is here, so summer’s not too far away. After a tough winter here in the Ft. Wayne area, you know that your HVAC system has been working extra hard

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Common Air Conditioner Problems That Will Work Against You This Summer

Springtime in the Fort Wayne area is an excellent time to discover and correct common air conditioner problems to keep your system running efficiently during the hot, muggy days of

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Your Air Filter is Important: Have You Changed it Lately?

Having an air filter functioning at a high level is crucial if you want your home’s HVAC system to function smoothly and effectively. It’s a small and simple maintenance job,

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Upgrading? 4 Things To Know About Condensing Gas Furnaces

Condensing gas furnaces are among the most important recent innovations in HVAC technology. As with most high-efficiency technology, they do cost more than the standard option upfront, but the savings

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Make Your Humidifier A Priority This Winter and Early Spring With These Quick Tips

During the heating months, humidifiers can make the indoor environment healthier and much more comfortable. Households with family members who suffer from allergies, asthma or severely dry skin find humidifiers

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Did You Hear That? 5 Common Furnace Noises And Their Meanings

It’s a chilly northern Indiana winter night, and, suddenly you hear strange noises coming from somewhere in your home. It’s not the start of a ghost story, but a sign

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Don’t Take Risks With Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can cause tremendous damage; just one small crack can leak 250 gallons of water per day. According to State Farm, a quarter of a million homes are ruined

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Why HEPA Filters Make A Difference In Your Fort Wayne Home

It’s amazing how the things you can’t see in your home’s indoor air can have the most impact on your health and comfort. Dust mites, pet dander, pollen and mold

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