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Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are More Important Than You Think

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a real threat lurking in your Fort Wayne area home. This colorless, odorless gas is hazardous and potentially lethal to humans and animals. It can be emitted

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Mercury-Filled Thermostats — Time to Retire Old Technology

Remember the “good old days”: lead paint covering children’s toys, DDT in our pesticides, family vehicles without child safety seats, and mercury-filled thermostats. Increased research and advances in technology have revealed

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Tankless Water Heater Basics — Why Does It Take Longer to Heat?

If you are replacing your storage tank water heater or are installing a new one in a new construction or commercial building, you may be considering a tankless water heater. These take

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Installing a New Furnace? Don’t Let the Cost Catch You Off Guard

If you know that your furnace will need to be replaced in the near future, it’s a good idea to start shopping around and figuring out your budget before the

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Renovating Your Home This Fall? Have an HVAC System Plan

The heating and cooling equipment in your Fort Wayne area home can be seriously damaged by dirt and dust. You can trace many repair issues with HVAC systems back to these

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5 Ways You Can Maintain Your Geothermal System

While it’s true that geothermal heat pump systems require less maintenance than traditional HVAC systems, addressing a few key issues can help you maintain your geothermal system in top condition for

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Plan For Water Heater Replacement Before You Absolutely Need To

In most cases, consumers wait for their water heater to go out before they consider a replacement. This can lead to a lack of hot water until the old model is replaced,

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Yes! It’s Time For a Yearly Furnace Tune-Up Before Fall Hits

With home heating season just around the corner here in the Fort Wayne area, now’s the time to start thinking about your yearly furnace tune-up. Whether your home has an

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How Your HVAC Systems Work Together for Your Comfort

 The air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems in your home must work together to provide the best total performance. It’s helpful to understand how the different components of  your HVAC system interact with one

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