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Sealing Air Leaks Is an Important Task for Fall Maintenance

With summer behind us and fall already heading toward winter, now’s the time to start completing fall maintenance tasks in your Fort Wayne area home. One of the most important

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Your Furnace Filter Should Be Chosen With Care

Although the selection process can be overwhelming, choosing the furnace filter that best meets your needs is important to keep your HVAC system operating efficiently while reducing airborne pollutants within

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Heat More Efficiently When You Use a Programmable Thermostat

You may be throwing money away every month by not using your programmable thermostat correctly. Taking some time to set the programming will reduce your energy costs. Familiarize yourself with the

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Reduce or Eliminate Carbon Monoxide Exposure in Your Indiana Home

Keeping yourself safe from carbon monoxide exposure involves doing what you can to reduce and eliminate carbon monoxide (CO) from your home. In order to do this, you need to

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Energy-Saving Tips for the Fall or Year Round

With modern energy rates being so high, everyone can use some energy-saving tips. They don’t have to be anything difficult, just a few ways to drop your energy bill down

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Try These Houseplants to Boost Your Indoor Air Quality

When seeking cleaner air in your Fort Wayne area home, you’ll find a number of houseplants that will boost indoor air quality. It has long been understood that house plants “breathe

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Do You Know When to Change Your Furnace Filter?

If you find yourself sneezing and notice dust bunnies multiplying in the corners, it’s probably time to change your furnace filter. The filter is your first line of defense against airborne dust, mold

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Have an Energy Audit Completed and Stop Energy Leakage

Perhaps you just bought a house and want to make sure all is fine with its insulation and airtightness. On the other hand, you might have started to notice changes

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Get Your Heat Pump Ready for Fall By Changing Modes

Preparing your heat pump for the heating season requires more than switching it from A/C mode to Heat mode on your thermostat. When you take the time to prepare and

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