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Understand the Causes Flame Rollouts in Gas Furnaces

The sight of flame rollouts in your gas furnace may be alarming—and it should be. Flames exuding from your burner and combustion chamber is a fire hazard, presenting a definite danger to your

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Why Is Your Boiler So Noisy? Find Out Here!

The household comfort provided by your boiler should be felt, not heard. Sounds emanating from a boiler can indicate anything from a minor maintenance issue to a major malfunction. Whatever

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What Exactly is Dirty Sock Syndrome & How Does it Affect My Home?

Have you noticed an unpleasant odor creeping through your home recently? It could be coming from your high efficiency HVAC system. Though they’re great systems that can save your thousands of

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Make Your Gas Furnace More Economical with These Helpful Tips

Whether your gas furnace is old or new, it will only be as efficient as the environment it’s placed in. Simple energy-saving habits, such as changing your filter regularly, are just

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Heat Pump or Furnace? Make the Best Decision for Your New Haven Home

There are many factors to weigh when shopping for a new heating system. The energy source, for one, must be available. Additionally, system size and heat output should adequately meet, but

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Find Out How UV Lights Can Prevent Household Mold

The accumulation of mold in your home can have a negative effect on the quality of your air, and it can be especially harmful to any household members who suffer

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How to Prevent Moisture Problems in Your Closet Space

If you view your closet space as just another room in your home, it’s easy to see how it may become damp. In comparison to other rooms in your Fort Wayne

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Select the Right Size Air Conditioner for Your New Haven Home

While warm weather is still a few months away, if your central air conditioner wasn’t doing its job last summer, it’s not too early to start thinking about a replacement. You

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