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Weatherizing Windows for Better Energy Efficiency at Home

Because the hot summers and chilly winters around Fort Wayne can place a heavy load on your air conditioner and furnace, it pays to invest in your home’s energy efficiency.

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Saving Energy and Resources: Start With the Small Things

While the debate rages on over climate change, it certainly appears true that more extreme manifestations of weather are appearing all the time.

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Keeping the Lid on Summer Heat Buildup in Your Home

Anything you can do to cut summer heat buildup in your home will lower your cooling bills immediately and for years to come. It won’t cost much, and it will

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Winterizing Your Home For Cooler Weather In The Allen County Area

Winterizing your home will not only help eliminate those uncomfortable drafts, it can also save you money. Winters in Indiana can be pretty severe, but if you’re prepared you can

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Ignore Your Attic Insulation, And It Will Cost You

Ignore your attic insulation, and it will cost you across the board with higher utility bills, increased strain on HVAC equipment, possible roof damage and compromising your home comfort with

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