4 HVAC Parts Every Homeowner Should Know

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June 7, 2018


4 HVAC Parts Every Homeowner Should KnowThink of the HVAC parts in your home as instruments in a symphony orchestra. They all have to play together well. A comfortable indoor environment in summer and winter depends on the interaction of numerous system components. HVAC parts can be affected by lack of proper preventive maintenance or simply normal wear and tear. If even one part is marginal, however, overall system performance, reliability and efficiency generally suffer.

Here are four critical HVAC parts that play a role in producing cool comfort or cozy warmth, depending on the time of year.

Air Conditioner Compressor

This powerful motor compresses refrigerant that extracts heat from the house and carries it to the outdoor condenser unit of the central air conditioner. Certain common compressor issues such as a worn start capacitor can be readily replaced by a qualified HVAC technician. Serious compressor damage, however, is a very expensive matter and replacement of the entire A/C is often a more viable option.

Furnace Heat Exchanger

This critical component conducts heat from the furnace combustion chamber into the system airflow. The heat exchanger also performs a vital safety function by sealing combustion byproducts including deadly carbon monoxide gas out of the system airflow. A rusted or cracked heat exchanger means the furnace must be immediately shut down until the component is replaced by a qualified professional.

A/C Coils

The indoor evaporator coil and outdoor condenser coil do the heavy lifting to move heat out of your house. Refrigerant circulating between the coils absorbs heat energy at the evaporator coil and releases it into the air at the outdoor condenser coil. Dirty coils or refrigerant leaks are major factors that affect system performance and efficiency.


Household comfort relies on proper air circulation throughout the home. Ductwork delivers conditioned air to all rooms and returns air to the A/C or furnace. Issues affecting ducts include excessive air leakage—common in aging residential ductwork. Having the ducts pressure-tested can determine extent of leakage and identify sealing options to optimum proper air circulation and efficiency.

For professional preventive maintenance or service of all HVAC parts, contact Hartman Brothers.

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