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No Surprises

Replacing a furnace and/or air conditioner is a significant decision, and one you should go into well informed.

We’ll take you through a step-by-step, detailed, in-home process (all free) to help you determine exactly what needs replaced, and why. And we’ll provide a written, all-inclusive estimate with options to choose from. And we’ll never, ever recommend something you don’t need.

From estimate to install to permits, we take care of everything, so you won’t be surprised later.

These are the steps we take when replacing a system:

  • We confirm our arrival the day before.
  • If the job requires, it we get all building permits.
  • We organize and stage all new equipment and materials in our warehouse first. This allows us to expedite the process at your home.
  • The installation process usually takes about eight hours.
  • Back at the office, we record model and serial numbers, warranties, and service schedules to make any future service on your system faster.
  • We do all rebate paperwork so you don’t have to.
  • We’ll teach you the thermostat, how to change filters, and other aspects of maintaining your new system.
  • We’ll invite you to fill out our online customer satisfaction survey that we will actually review.
  • If applicable, and within about four weeks, you will receive the extended parts and labor guarantee paper work.
  • If applicable, the county building inspector should make a stop to inspect the installation. This is done completely on the building department’s schedule and can vary from county to county. We have no control over the timeline for when your county will inspect our installations.
  • On the one year anniversary of your installation, we’ll invite you to enroll in our Constant Comfort Maintenance Plan. This includes two seasonal maintenance tune-up service visits to keep your high-efficiency system highly efficient.

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