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March 13, 2018


HVAC Products: To Register or Not?Your HVAC system contains some of the most critically-important and costly equipment in your Fort Wayne home. Because it's a major investment, it's vital that your system's components are well-protected by a manufacturer's warranty. While warranty specifics and length vary between manufacturers, registering your HVAC equipment can matter a lot.

Reasons to Register Your HVAC Equipment

Meeting the manufacturer's requirements for registering a new HVAC equipment purchase can ensure that you have warranty coverage if a component breaks down or fails due to factory defects. Plus, registering also makes it easy for the company to notify you about product recalls and updates. Your HVAC contractor or equipment manufacturer is the best source of advice about registering your new equipment, but here's a general guide on what might be required:

  • Depending on the manufacturer, registering within a certain time period may be necessary to keep your warranty coverage in place.
  • Some manufacturers still provide a warranty if you forget to register within the required time frame, but they'll shorten the coverage period substantially, which can end up costing you years of protection.
  • Some reputable manufacturers, such as Bryant and Lennox, don't reduce the product's warranty coverage if you don't register new equipment. However, they both offer valuable incentives for registering within 60 or 90 days, such as a warranty extension on parts that doubles the normal coverage period.
  • Some well-established brands also allow their authorized installers to offer optional warranty upgrades when certain models are registered, which can give a homeowner additional coverage for labor and repairs.

How Do You Register New HVAC Equipment?

How you register new HVAC components depends on the manufacturer. With some, you have to fill out a warranty card and mail it in, while others offer convenient online registration. When registering, you'll typically need to provide basic details like your equipment model and serial number, and its installation date.

To learn about the specific process and the potential benefits of registering your HVAC equipment, contact us at Hartman Brothers Heating & Air We've proudly provided Fort Wayne-area homeowners with high-quality indoor comfort products and services since 1963.

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