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Quiet Your Home's A/C with These 4 TipsIt's completely normal for an air conditioner to make some sounds while it's running, but it's a cause for concern when excessively loud or odd noises develop.

Some noises can signal serious issues that need professional attention right away – such as high-pitched squealing, hissing or loud banging. Here are four tips for quieting other A/C sounds that are more irritating than worrisome:

Give the Blower Fan Some Attention

If you're hearing murmuring or rattling originating from inside the air handler cabinet, open it up and clean out any debris from around the fan, then wipe off the blades. If the blades seem at all wobbly, use a screwdriver or Allen wrench and tighten up the center hub. Lastly, if any blades look bent, straighten them by applying gentle pressure.

Lubricate the Motor

Grinding or humming noises coming from the blower motor usually means it needs lubrication. Adding two or three drops of SAE 10 oil to each oil port – if your unit has them – can usually quiet these sounds. Oiling the motor before you start up the A/C each spring can help keep it running quietly.

Tighten Up Loose Cabinet or Mounting Screws

It's normal for mechanical equipment inside the indoor and outdoor HVAC cabinets to vibrate while it's running, and this can loosen any screws that aren't properly tightened. To eliminate the rattling sounds that result, follow the noise to the source and use a screwdriver to fully tighten the offending screw(s).

Pay Attention to the Condenser Unit

You may start hearing a low buzzing sound from the outdoor unit as debris starts to build up on the coil, so rinse it off with a gentle spray of the garden hose. If this doesn't solve the noise issue, straightening any bent condenser fins may help.

Don't try this using anything sharp. Instead, invest in an inexpensive fin comb and simply insert the teeth between the fins and slide it along gently to reposition the bent ones.

If you help quieting the A/C in your Fort Wayne home, contact us today at Hartman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning.

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