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Air Pollutants and How They Get Indoors Research shows that the air in most homes is much more polluted than the air found outdoors. You may wonder how that could be in your own home. After all, you are likely scrupulous about keeping it cleaned. But cleaning surfaces alone will not ensure you have good indoor air quality, especially in an airtight house where air pollutants can build up.

Here are a few ways pollutants enter your home:

Dust Mites

Dust mites are those microscopic critters that are said to multiply exponentially as the years go by in your mattress. The fact is, dust mites are everywhere, but they're most likely to be found in carpets, textiles, bed linens, and mattresses. They also proliferate more under damp conditions. Control them by frequent vacuuming with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter and by washing linens in hot water.


Damp conditions can give rise to mold, so fix all plumbing leaks, and install exhaust ventilation in rooms where moist conditions prevail, such as the bathroom or over the range hood. Clean up most types of mold with vinegar and water. Moldy carpet should be removed.


Pollen enters the home through open windows, from indoor plants, on your clothes, or on your pets. A good quality air filter can help remove it, but to keep it out of the home, close doors and windows while using a better quality pleated HVAC air filter in the HVAC system. Also, brush or remove clothing when entering the home; brush off pets before they re-enter. Sequester your plants in one room.

Pet Dander

Speaking of pets, Fido or Fifi can be the cause of indoor pollution themselves. It's not the hair, but the pet dander that flakes off inside the home. Brush pets outdoors frequently; bathe them as often as the vet recommends. Vacuums are available specifically for pet care, so after you brush and/or bathe your pets, use one of these to take up dander and loose hair.

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