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February 24, 2015


Why Is Your Boiler So Noisy? Find Out Here!The household comfort provided by your boiler should be felt, not heard. Sounds emanating from a boiler can indicate anything from a minor maintenance issue to a major malfunction. Whatever the source, fixing boiler noises is a job for a qualified HVAC professional. The gas-fired burner flame and the hazards posed by deadly combustion byproducts, like carbon monoxide gas, make boiler diagnosis and repair a professional project.

Call your local HVAC pro if you hear noises that may indicate the following problems:

Sediment Accumulation

Nearly all municipal water contains some dissolved mineral content—mostly calcium carbonate. When the water is heated, calcium carbonate solidifies and sinks to the bottom of the boiler forming a layer that insulates water from the heat of the burner flame. Uneven water heating caused by the sediment layer can result in knocking and banging noises as bubbles are released. An HVAC service person can flush and de-scale your boiler to remove sedimentation.

Thermostat Issues

Contrary to its name, a home boiler should never actually boil water. A defective thermostat or one at an improperly high setting may cause “kettling” sounds, such as knocks and bangs similar to sediment issues. Your HVAC service provider will check your actual water temperature to isolate whether the problem is a defective thermostat or temperature sensor or a maladjustment.

System Air

Air infiltrating from sources, such as the expansion tank, defective valves or leaks in plumbing, may accumulate in your system. Air pockets coursing through plumbing can cause pipes to rattle and bang. Bleeding air out of your system is only the first step. Competent boiler troubleshooting includes pinpointing how and where air is entering your system.

Low Water Level

A boiler requires a minimum water level to properly dissipate heat. If water drops below that specification, boiling may occur and generate kettling sounds. Issues with water flow and water pressure, as well as defective valves are primary suspects of low water level problems.

Contact the professionals at Hartman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in New Haven about qualified HVAC services to resolve your home boiler issues.

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