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Pros and Cons of Different Home Heating SystemsExploring the options with home heating systems can make choosing your next heating equipment simpler. While the nuts and bolts of these systems are complex, knowing their basics, advantages and disadvantages is helpful to make a solid and satisfying decision before you move forward.

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Here's What to Know About Energy Star GuidelinesIf you want to trim your household energy expenses, you can start by making sure that the electronic devices you use are as energy efficient as possible. The government's Energy Star program can provide you with the information and guidelines you need to make informed choices when buying new or replacement products.

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How to Deal With Condensate Drain ProblemsA defective A/C condensate drain is a common cause of water damage inside homes. Condensate is simply water vapor condensed into liquid by contact with the cold evaporator coil in the A/C’s indoor air handler. Whenever your air conditioner is running it’s producing condensate — as many as 20 gallons on a humid day. As long as everything’s working right, the condensate is collected and diverted away down a line into your household drain system. If something goes wrong, however, gallons of water may end up spilled into your home — often before you even realize there’s a problem.

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Zone into the Benefits of Zoning SystemsNot all of the rooms in your Fort Wayne home are created equal — at least, not when it comes to heating and cooling demand. Your bedrooms need more attention during the night, for example, while you may have a guest room that's only in use once in a while, and a home office that needs heating and cooling during daylight hours. With a traditional central HVAC system, you can heat or cool your entire house or none of it. A home zoning system, by contrast, offers more flexibility on how to manage your home.

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Indoor Humidity: How it Affects Your Health and BodyThe level of humidity inside homes and buildings has a great deal to do with comfort and your family’s health. Under ideal conditions, its level should range between 30 and 50 percent, depending on the season and outdoor temperatures. Lower levels in the summer increase comfort, while higher levels in the winter help you feel warmer. Ideal levels year-round safeguard your health.

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Ceiling Fans for Cooling EfficiencyEven as summer winds down, the continued warm weather means most people still turn to their air conditioners for relief. The biggest downside to this is that cooling bills can remain high until nature offers more pleasant days. Using ceiling fans throughout the home will help keep you cooler and can reduce your air conditioner's workload. Here’s more about that.

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Smart HVAC Systems: A Homeowners GuideAs the cost of energy continues to rise, it's highly likely that the cost of operating your HVAC system in the summer and the winter will keep getting more and more expensive. Concerns over the economic implications of this have paved the way for the development of smart HVAC systems. So what's a smart HVAC system and how does it affect your home comfort? Read on to find out.

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Ways to Know That an HVAC Company is ReputableIt can be difficult to choose the right HVAC company for the services you need. You may not be sure which criteria to base your decision for choosing a reputable company or even how to compare services offered. Plus, you may not know the services you actually need, whether a simple tune up, a repair, or possibly a system replacement.

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Troubleshooting the A/C SystemAs the summer in Fort Wayne heats up, you may find yourself paying closer attention to how your air conditioner behaves. Unfamiliar noises or changes in the way the A/C performs can put a homeowner on edge. Some noises are likely to be innocuous, and some changes in performance might be simple fixes. Here's some information on troubleshooting your air conditioner before you call for help.

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Does Your HVAC Tech Have These Certifications?When you need installation or service on an air conditioner or furnace, you'll want to know what sort of HVAC certifications the technician brings to the job. Working on today's sophisticated systems is not a position for someone who's learning on the job or only doing it as a part-time sideline. You want to do business with an HVAC contractor who's acquired major industry certifications and who hires field techs who've been tested and certified by accepted training programs. Before the technician knocks on your door to service your home cooling or heating system, check for one or more of these respected HVAC certifications.

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Here's How to Understand the EnergyGuide LabelCreated in the 1970s, the EnergyGuide label program was established to help consumers make more informed decisions regarding home appliance purchases. The label displays important energy efficiency information and how a specific appliance, such as your next air conditioner, compares to similar models. Keep reading so you can make heads or tails of the label information and use it to your advantage.

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Get Rid of Mold and Bacteria in Your HouseFinding mold growth in your home can be a shock. Mold spores are present naturally in the air, though are usually found is such low concentrations that they don't bother anyone. However, when they find a place to spread and grow, they can release much larger amounts of spores, which can trigger allergies, exacerbate respiratory illnesses, clog HVAC air filters, and even damage or disfigure your home.

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