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Maintenance Tips to Make Sure that Your Heat Pump is Working CorrectlyAn inefficient heat pump can greatly affect how much you pay for your heating and cooling costs. Taking the time to make sure that your heat pump is working as well as possible can not only save you money on heating and cooling costs, it can extend the life of the heat pump. Below are a few valuable tips to help you keep your heat pump working as efficiently as possible.

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Upgrading? 4 Things To Know About Condensing Gas FurnacesCondensing gas furnaces are among the most important recent innovations in HVAC technology. As with most high-efficiency technology, they do cost more than the standard option upfront, but the savings from having efficiency ratings of up to 98 percent often make up for the original cost over time. There are four main features of condensing furnaces that contribute to quality performance and high efficiency:

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Forget These Energy-Saving Myths; Here's What To Do InsteadAre you falling for energy-saving myths that promise to drastically reduce your utility bills? Unfortunately, many of the most common beliefs related to saving energy have no basis in reality. Here are some of the most common energy-saving myths and a list of alternative methods you can use to really cut down on your energy use.

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How a Humidifier Saves Money and Adds Comfort to Your Fort Wayne Home in WinterA variety of factors contribute to year-round comfort in your home, and for most people, temperature would be the first factor that comes to mind. The humidity level of the interior of your home contributes significantly to your overall comfort level, as well. Here are a few facts that will demonstrate how a whole-home humidifier can save money and add comfort to your Fort Wayne area home during the winter.

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WiFi Thermostats Make the Most of New Remote TechnologyWhen it comes to heating and cooling a home, proper efficiency and comfort are two major goals. One easy but effective upgrade that you can install to improve both of these factors in your home is a thermostat with WiFi connectivity, otherwise known as a WiFi thermostat.

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Is A Dual-Fuel System Right For Your Indiana Home? Run The NumbersA dual-fuel system combines the best attributes of combustion furnaces with an air-source heat pump and helps you save energy throughout the heating season. In the winter, a heat pump extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it inside for efficient heating – that is, until temperatures fall to around 30 degrees. At that point, with a dual-fuel system, a high-efficiency furnace takes over the work for comfortable, relatively affordable heating. This is preferable to the emergency heat in a regular air-source heat pump, which will trigger an electric heating element that's expensive to use.

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