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Finding the Balance of Heat/HumidityYou probably know that too much humidity in your home in the summer is not a good thing. It can make us feel warmer, as it interferes with perspiration evaporating on our skin, so it's always wise to keep humidity levels low -- no more than 40 percent -- in the summer. But likewise, we also need to be mindful of moisture levels in the winter. Here's why.

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Make Your Humidifier A Priority This Winter and Early Spring With These Quick TipsDuring the heating months, humidifiers can make the indoor environment healthier and much more comfortable. Households with family members who suffer from allergies, asthma or severely dry skin find humidifiers to be a great help when stuck indoors during the cold months before things warm up in April.

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How a Humidifier Saves Money and Adds Comfort to Your Fort Wayne Home in WinterA variety of factors contribute to year-round comfort in your home, and for most people, temperature would be the first factor that comes to mind. The humidity level of the interior of your home contributes significantly to your overall comfort level, as well. Here are a few facts that will demonstrate how a whole-home humidifier can save money and add comfort to your Fort Wayne area home during the winter.

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