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Using Green Heating This WinterFall and winter temperatures can end up costing you a lot in terms of your energy bills. Making a few changes toward green heating can help you cut down on your energy use and result in much lower heating bills while it’s cold out. Keep the following tips in mind to save on energy and heating costs.

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Radiant Floor Heating: Considerations for InstallationRadiant floor heating can provide a viable alternative to a conventional forced-air furnace. Blowing hot air throughout the house through ductwork brings certain drawbacks when it comes to temperature consistency and maximum efficiency. A hydronic radiant floor heating system, however, circulates hot water through a grid of tubes installed in the floor, turning the entire floor surface into a heat mass that radiates gentle, continuous warmth.

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Lowering Your House's Heating LoadYour old (or new) faithful furnace can work tirelessly to keep you warm. If your home's envelope isn't sealed up nice and tight, it only makes your furnace work harder due to the increased heating load. So, why not make modest home efficiency upgrades to ease the strain on your furnace? It will last longer with fewer repairs, and ease the strain on your energy budget, too.

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Here's How to Know When It's Time to Upgrade Your Heating SystemA heating system is designed to provide many years of reliable heating for your home. Eventually, though, all heating systems will come to a point where they can no longer effectively heat the home. Whether your system is broken or just seems not to be as efficient as it should be, you need to know the sings that it's time for a new one, so you can make wise decisions.

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Finding the Balance of Heat/HumidityYou probably know that too much humidity in your home in the summer is not a good thing. It can make us feel warmer, as it interferes with perspiration evaporating on our skin, so it's always wise to keep humidity levels low -- no more than 40 percent -- in the summer. But likewise, we also need to be mindful of moisture levels in the winter. Here's why.

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Pros and Cons of Different Home Heating SystemsExploring the options with home heating systems can make choosing your next heating equipment simpler. While the nuts and bolts of these systems are complex, knowing their basics, advantages and disadvantages is helpful to make a solid and satisfying decision before you move forward.

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Learn the Basics about Radiant FlooringHomeowners are always looking for the best and most cost-efficient way to heat their home. Today, more homeowners than ever are considering radiant flooring. With steady improvements in radiant flooring, this system is now one of the best, as well as economical, ways to heat your home.

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Heating and Cooling Loads: Learn the 3 TypesA properly sized cooling and heating system will deliver better energy efficiency and performance than a system that's over- or undersized. An essential aspect of sizing A/Cs, furnaces and heat pumps is calculating the heating and cooling loads (requirements) of the home. Here's a review of the three types of heating and cooling loads for individual homes.

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Make Your Gas Furnace More Economical with These Helpful TipsWhether your gas furnace is old or new, it will only be as efficient as the environment it's placed in. Simple energy-saving habits, such as changing your filter regularly, are just as important as broader efficiency upgrades, like air sealing and insulating your home. The following tips can help your furnace reach and maintain peak efficiency for greater comfort and lower energy bills.

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Heating the Garage: What Are Your Options?With another frigid Fort Wayne winter looming, many homeowners wonder if heating the garage is viable. They may want to use the garage as a work- or playroom, or for some other useful purpose. If you decide to heat the garage, choose safety first. Avoid unvented combustion space heaters, which can emit soot, moisture, or even toxic carbon monoxide. 

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