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Ways Weather Can Affect Your Energy BillLots of things affect your energy bill, but obviously, weather is a major factors impacting how much you spend on maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. In the summer and winter, when temperatures are colder or warmer, we use more power and our bills go up. But weather can affect our energy bills in other ways too. Here's how to understand some of them.

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Lowering Your House's Heating LoadYour old (or new) faithful furnace can work tirelessly to keep you warm. If your home's envelope isn't sealed up nice and tight, it only makes your furnace work harder due to the increased heating load. So, why not make modest home efficiency upgrades to ease the strain on your furnace? It will last longer with fewer repairs, and ease the strain on your energy budget, too.

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Here's How to Know When It's Time to Upgrade Your Heating SystemA heating system is designed to provide many years of reliable heating for your home. Eventually, though, all heating systems will come to a point where they can no longer effectively heat the home. Whether your system is broken or just seems not to be as efficient as it should be, you need to know the sings that it's time for a new one, so you can make wise decisions.

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Do You See The Giveaway Signs Of Ductwork Problems In Your Home?Your HVAC ducts may be working silently, but that doesn't mean they're working efficiently. Ductwork problems are so common that in the average Indiana home, between 20 to 40 percent of conditioned air never reaches the home's living spaces. If your ducts aren't working as they should be, you may notice:

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