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What Do Furnace Filter Arrows Mean?Not every furnace filter has an arrow stamped on its side, but when you do see it, it indicates which direction the filter has to face. It always points to the direction of the furnace’s air handler or blower compartment. Even though the filter may look the same on each side, there are differences that affect how it lets air through it and into your HVAC system.

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Lowering Your House's Heating LoadYour old (or new) faithful furnace can work tirelessly to keep you warm. If your home's envelope isn't sealed up nice and tight, it only makes your furnace work harder due to the increased heating load. So, why not make modest home efficiency upgrades to ease the strain on your furnace? It will last longer with fewer repairs, and ease the strain on your energy budget, too.

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Here's How to Know When It's Time to Upgrade Your Heating SystemA heating system is designed to provide many years of reliable heating for your home. Eventually, though, all heating systems will come to a point where they can no longer effectively heat the home. Whether your system is broken or just seems not to be as efficient as it should be, you need to know the sings that it's time for a new one, so you can make wise decisions.

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Furnace on the Fritz? Find Out How to Troubleshoot Common IssuesFurnace problems can be a major inconvenience when it's cold outside and you need heat inside. However, if your furnace is on the fritz, the solution may not have to be a major expense. If you have a hunch you may be able to fix the problem or you at least want to give it a shot, try these furnace troubleshooting tips.

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Things to Think About When Installing a FurnaceYou've decided to spring for a new furnace for your Fort Wayne area home. It's just a matter of going to your trusted HVAC contractor and setting up an installation, right? Actually, there's a lot more involved with furnace installation if you want your new system to work safely and efficiently in your home. Following are some guidelines to keep in mind for your furnace installation.

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Reducing Your Furnace's Load

February 9, 2016Furnaces

Reducing Your Furnace's LoadIf you equate saving money this heating season with turning the thermostat for the furnace down, you could be shivering unnecessarily. It could be possible to reduce the amount of time this hard-working appliance runs by cutting its heating load. Your home may be losing heat through all its cracks and crevices, or it could be seeping outdoors from the windows and insufficient insulation.

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Save Energy this Winter with a Variable-Speed FurnaceColder temperatures will be coming to the Fort Wayne area soon, which means it's almost time to start heating your home. Having your furnace run most of the time when it’s freezing outside helps keep you warm, but also leads to high heating bills. You can save money this winter while still heating your home by having a variable-speed furnace installed.

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Your Furnace Needs a Good Filter to Keep You ComfortableYou probably know your furnace has a filter, and you probably also know it needs changing now and then. But what else do you know about it? The fact is, your furnace filter (which is the same as the air conditioner or air filter) is a key component of the HVAC system for keeping you comfortable and in good health, as well as ensuring the system runs properly, all winter long.

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Troubleshoot Common Furnace Issues With These TipsWith the cold weather settling in, it can't hurt to brush up on your furnace troubleshooting skills. A gas furnace that stops dead in its tracks on the coldest day of the year not only impairs your home comfort; it can be downright dangerous. A furnace that isn't heating your home evenly or sufficiently also needs immediate attention. Following are some tips to figure out what's causing your furnace problems.

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Helpful Advice When it's Time for a New Furnace in Your HomeIs your furnace 15 years old or older? Has it needed frequent repairs? Did it struggle to make your home comfortable last winter? If yes, maybe it's time you thought about buying a new furnace. To make sure you get the best value for your money, use the following tips when shopping for a furnace.

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Heating and Cooling Loads: Learn the 3 TypesA properly sized cooling and heating system will deliver better energy efficiency and performance than a system that's over- or undersized. An essential aspect of sizing A/Cs, furnaces and heat pumps is calculating the heating and cooling loads (requirements) of the home. Here's a review of the three types of heating and cooling loads for individual homes.

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Understand the Causes Flame Rollouts in Gas FurnacesThe sight of flame rollouts in your gas furnace may be alarming—and it should be. Flames exuding from your burner and combustion chamber is a fire hazard, presenting a definite danger to your furnace components. In normal operation, all burner flame action should be restricted to the combustion chamber and should appear as a clean, blue flame emitted by the burner jets.  

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Heat Pump or Furnace? Make the Best Decision for Your New Haven HomeThere are many factors to weigh when shopping for a new heating system. The energy source, for one, must be available. Additionally, system size and heat output should adequately meet, but not exceed your home’s load. In some instances, you may also consider additional services when applicable, such as home cooling and water heating.

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How to Inspect the HVAC System in Your Indiana HomeIndiana homeowners depend on their HVAC systems to stay warm and comfortable through the heating months. Considering that home heating accounts for 45 to 55 percent of the typical energy budget, there is also financial incentive to maintain a well-operating HVAC system with a seasonal inspection.

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Increase Winter Comfort with a Home HumidifierThe amount of water vapor in the home is a very important component of indoor air quality. When there is too much water vapor, mold, mildew and other micro-organisms proliferate. When air is too dry, such as during the winter, comfort and health suffer from side effects like dry and itchy eyes, sore throat, fatigue and more. Read on to learn how a home humidifier can alleviate dry indoor air and return comfort to your home.

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Troubleshooting Tips for Your Home's Electric FurnaceIf the electric furnace in your Fort Wayne home is on the fritz, there are a few things you can try before calling a professional for help. To troubleshoot your electric furnace, just start with the least complex system. Don't get overwhelmed, and remember that help from your local HVAC expert is just a phone call away.

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How Is a Two-Stage or Variable-Speed Furnace Better Than a Single-Stage Model?If you've looked to purchase a new furnace ahead of the coming winter in Indiana, you may have noticed that there are several options available. Your decision to purchase a single-stage, two-stage or variable-speed furnace will depend on your budget, heating requirements, insulation and the size of your home. By consulting with an HVAC professional, you'll be able to find a furnace that reliably keeps your family comfortable at a reasonable price.

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