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Zoning Systems: Comfort Control in Every Room of Your HomeIf it seems impossible to enjoy a consistently comfortable temperature from room to room, your home's single-zone HVAC system may be to blame. When there's just one thermostat controlling heating and cooling throughout a home, temperature variations and hot or cold spots aren't uncommon. Installing a zoning system can put an end to these issues and let you enjoy a whole new level of comfort.

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Wi-Fi Thermostat: Understanding What it Can Do for YouAre you still regulating temperatures in your home with a first-generation programmable thermostat, or heaven forbid, an old manual model? If so, consider upgrading to a modern Wi-Fi thermostat. You'll save money on heating and cooling, while benefiting from advanced features such as energy reports and air filter change alerts. Learn how a Wi-Fi thermostat can deliver valuable benefits to your household.

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Feel More Comfortable by Understanding the Factors That Affect Home ComfortHome comfort is influenced by a variety of factors even though temperature is the one that usually comes to mind. Other factors that affect home comfort include humidity, indoor air quality and the ability to control these factors. In order to optimize home comfort, it’s important to understand how these factors interact with one another.

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Your Questions Answered About Setting Your Thermostat FanIf your home's thermostat is like those in most homes, the fan setting is probably on "auto," which seems to be the default in most systems. But that begs the question, what does the "on" setting mean? This isn't an idle question since setting your thermostat fan one way or the other can make a big difference in energy bills and home comfort.

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Common Fixes for an A/C That Is Blowing Hot AirIf you discover your home's A/C is blowing hot air, don't panic. There are a number of reasons why this can occur. Some are easily remedied, and a skilled HVAC professional can correct the more serious issues. Here are five of the most common causes of a warm air issue, with tips on how to fix the problem and when to call in a pro.

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Use Your Programmable Thermostat Correctly to Get the Most SavingsDoes your programmable thermostat baffle you? The controls can be confusing if you don't understand how to program them, or how to get  the most out of that programming. Programmable thermostats are designed to help you operate your HVAC system efficiently. Here's how that can happen in your home.

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Duct Sealing Can Increase Your Home’s Energy EfficiencyThe benefit of a central air system is that it allows your entire home's temperature to be controlled from a single thermostat, with a single HVAC installation. But it also comes with a serious drawback: the ducts that deliver air to your living areas can develop leaks or tears that bleed off conditioned air before you can make use of it. When your ducts pass through crawl spaces and other passages outside of your living areas, this can lead to wasted energy and money. That's why duct sealing is so important.

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7 Air Conditioner Parts Every Homeowner Should KnowDuring the cooling months, your air conditioner probably uses more energy than any other system in your Fort Wayne home. Spring maintenance is important to ensure all parts are working correctly. It's also a good idea to familiarize yourself with air conditioner parts to understand energy usage and home cooling.

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