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Air Conditioner Sounds: 5 Noises That Could Signal a ProblemThe best air conditioning units are the strong, silent types. The fewer air conditioner sounds you hear, the better -- aside from the standard sounds associated with start-up, air circulation and shutdown. If you're hearing any of the following sounds coming from your air conditioner, it's a good idea to cease using it and schedule a service visit.

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7 Air Conditioner Parts Every Homeowner Should KnowDuring the cooling months, your air conditioner probably uses more energy than any other system in your Fort Wayne home. Spring maintenance is important to ensure all parts are working correctly. It's also a good idea to familiarize yourself with air conditioner parts to understand energy usage and home cooling.

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How Does Air Conditioning Work? The More You Know About Yours, the BetterAlthough about 86 percent of American homes have air conditioning, few people know how their system works. Knowing a little about how your air conditioner keeps your Fort Wayne area home cool during the long, hot summer can help you troubleshoot common air conditioning problems, as well as effectively communicate with your service technician when repairs are needed. 

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Air Conditioning Terms: Are You Cool With The Language?When replacing or repairingyour air conditioner, it can be wise to familiarize yourself with the air conditioning terms and concepts used within the industry. To assist you in learning this somewhat foreign language, we've put together a list of air conditioning terms and definitions you should know.

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