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How Does Air Conditioning Work? The More You Know About Yours, the BetterAlthough about 86 percent of American homes have air conditioning, few people know how their system works. Knowing a little about how your air conditioner keeps your Fort Wayne area home cool during the long, hot summer can help you troubleshoot common air conditioning problems, as well as effectively communicate with your service technician when repairs are needed. 

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A/C Coils Should Be Cleaned Annually: How Are Yours?The Indiana cooling season is long and hot, and getting the most out of your air conditioner is probably high on your list of priorities. Your best defense against an inefficient system is your annual preventive tune-up, which will increase your air conditioner's efficiency, lower your utility costs, and extend the life of your system. When you call to schedule your yearly tune-up, ask your HVAC professional about cleaning the A/C coils to further increase system efficiency and save you money.

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