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Try Two-Stage Cooling and Lower Your Utility BillIf you're tired of high utility bills, but want to stay cool over the summer, it may be time to try out a two-stage cooling system. Unlike traditional air conditioners that only have one setting on their compressor, paired with a variable air handler (or fan), a two-stage cooling system will actually have a variable speed on its compressor. This means with two-stage cooling, you can control how much cold air you're paying to generate at any particular time, as well as how fast it's being disbursed, making the system more energy efficient

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5 Reasons to Opt for a Preventive Maintenance Agreement With Your HVAC PurchaseA quality central heating and cooling system represents a big investment in your home. It follows that the prudent homeowner will want to protect that investment with regular inspections and maintenance by qualified professionals. One of the most effective ways to do this is by opting for a preventive maintenance agreement.

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Forget These Energy-Saving Myths; Here's What To Do InsteadAre you falling for energy-saving myths that promise to drastically reduce your utility bills? Unfortunately, many of the most common beliefs related to saving energy have no basis in reality. Here are some of the most common energy-saving myths and a list of alternative methods you can use to really cut down on your energy use.

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Annual Maintenance: What Should You Expect?Fort Wayne winters are long and cold, and the summers are long and hot. In climates like ours, utility bills can soar through the roof in just about any season. And since heating and cooling your home accounts for about half of your annual utility bill, anything you can do to keep your costs down is worth the effort and investment. 

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Here's How  Higher-Efficiency Air Filters Make Sense for Your BudgetDespite their initial higher purchase price, higher-efficiency air filters can save you money in the long run, as compared to using standard-quality air filters in your forced-air heating or cooling system. Here are some of the more important ways higher-efficiency filters can do that:

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How Does Air Conditioning Work? The More You Know About Yours, the BetterAlthough about 86 percent of American homes have air conditioning, few people know how their system works. Knowing a little about how your air conditioner keeps your Fort Wayne area home cool during the long, hot summer can help you troubleshoot common air conditioning problems, as well as effectively communicate with your service technician when repairs are needed. 

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Your Split Air-Conditioning System: Why the 2 Sides Should Work in SyncIf you're like most homeowners, you've never given much thought to the fact that the indoor and outdoor components of your split air-conditioning system rely on each other. When one starts to give out, you might make the mistaken assumption that you can simply replace the faulty component, and everything will be fine. Ultimately, though, this could lead to big problems. Here's why:

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