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When You Go Air Filter Shopping, Do You Know What to Buy?An effective HVAC air filter is essential to good indoor air quality and the operating efficiency of your home’s forced-air heating and cooling system. A dirty air filter will reduce the energy efficiency of HVAC equipment, and also contribute to poor indoor air quality.

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The Energy Star Most Efficient Label Points to High-Efficiency HVAC OptionsWant to save money on your utility bill and keep your home comfortable all year? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency manages the Energy Star program to guide consumers in the purchase of a variety of energy-using electronics and appliances, including residential heating and cooling systems. In the last year or so, the EPA realized that so many products were qualifying for the Energy Star that it had lost its edge when it comes to singling out the best of the best. That's why the federal agency developed the Energy Star Most Efficient program. When you purchase a central A/C, heat pump or furnace that's marked as Most Efficient, you know you have a product that will begin saving you immediately on energy bills, and keep saving throughout its service life.

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5 Reasons to Opt for a Preventive Maintenance Agreement With Your HVAC PurchaseA quality central heating and cooling system represents a big investment in your home. It follows that the prudent homeowner will want to protect that investment with regular inspections and maintenance by qualified professionals. One of the most effective ways to do this is by opting for a preventive maintenance agreement.

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Choosing An HVAC Contractor? Why Hartman Brothers ShinesChoosing an HVAC contractor can be challenging, but Hartman Brothers makes it easy with our three-point promise. Whether you purchase a new system or sign up for annual maintenance, you can be sure that we are committed to keeping every customer satisfied.

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