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HVAC Add-Ons: Worth the Investment?Your HVAC system is essential for comfort in your Fort Wayne home, but you may not realize that investing in an HVAC add-on can allow your system to go beyond simple heating and cooling. Today, there are HVAC add-ons that can help you save energy, provide healthier indoor air quality, and give you enhanced temperature and humidity control. Here are some add-on options that are well worth investigating.

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Ways Rain Might Affect Your HVAC SystemIf you have a traditional central HVAC system, it consists of two main components: the evaporator/air handler/heating unit that's situated inside your home, and the condenser/compressor unit that's located outdoors. Since it's exposed to all kinds of weather, it's natural to wonder about the possible rain affects on that HVAC unit.

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The Best HVAC Tools for Any JobThe technicians who maintain, repair or replace the HVAC equipment in your home use a variety of tools to complete these jobs. Some are basic items that are used by many different trades, such as a ladder, level, tube cutter, wire stripper and reciprocating saw, as well as various types of pliers, screwdrivers, hex nut drivers and wrenches. Depending on the work being performed, your technician will also likely employ specialized HVAC tools such as:

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Why Should You Consider a Maintenance Agreement?Problems with your home's heating or cooling equipment not only impact your comfort and budget, they can compromise your family's safety. The hassle-free way to ensure your HVAC system components receive timely preventive care is to opt for an annual maintenance agreement with an experienced HVAC professional. 

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Renovating Your Home This Fall? Have an HVAC System PlanThe heating and cooling equipment in your Fort Wayne area home can be seriously damaged by dirt and dust. You can trace many repair issues with HVAC systems back to these culprits. If you know anyone who has ever been through a home remodeling project, they can tell you how dusty a remodel can get. Take the following precautions to make sure that you don't end up with expensive repairs after your remodeling project is complete.

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When You Go Air Filter Shopping, Do You Know What to Buy?An effective HVAC air filter is essential to good indoor air quality and the operating efficiency of your home’s forced-air heating and cooling system. A dirty air filter will reduce the energy efficiency of HVAC equipment, and also contribute to poor indoor air quality.

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Hartman Brothers' Preventive Maintenance Plans Offer Benefits Homeowners Shouldn't MissPreventive maintenance plans have numerous benefits. Foremost, you don't have to worry about scheduling annual maintenance, your heating and cooling system will operate more efficiently, and your warranty won't be voided due to lack of maintenance. You also get the peace of mind that your equipment is operating properly and safely. In addition, regular maintenance lengthens equipment life, so your small investment today will help protect your larger investment in the long run.

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