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You Can Talk Like an HVAC Pro With These Terms: Learn the AdvantagesAre you needing HVAC service or installation in your Fort Wayne area home? Before you call up the contractor, it can help to have a working knowledge of some of the more common HVAC terms. This will help you talk like an HVAC pro and better communicate with your technician, whether you're trying to inquire about upgrading your system, schedule service, or arrange for emergency repair.

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Heat Pump and A/C Thieves Can Ruin Your Day, and Your PocketbookHeat pump and A/C thieves have become more prevalent across the country as the price of copper goes up. For Indiana homeowners, theft of outside HVAC condensing units can easily ruin your day and cost you thousands of dollars in unit replacement. But homeowners who are aware of the threat of heat pump and A/C thieves can take the proper measures necessary to protect                                            their homes and prevent copper theft from occurring on their property.

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A Safety Cap For Your Air Conditioner: Without It, Your Childproofing Isn't FinishedKeeping your air conditioner safe from theft and tampering is an ongoing concern, especially for homeowners with large outdoor cooling units. Copper and valuable metal has often been stolen from cooling systems, but current trends suggest a new target for thieves: the refrigerant in the system.

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