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HVAC Maintenance: Condensate Drain Line CleaningA clogged air conditioner condensate drain line is a major cause of serious water damage in homes every summer. Your central A/C not only cools the air inside your house, it also removes humidity. On a humid day, water vapor extracted from the air by the evaporator coil turns to gallons of liquid condensate that collects in the wide, shallow drip pan underneath the indoor air handler. As long as the condensate drain line flows freely, water is conveyed safely into the household drain system.

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Crawl Space Safety 101

April 11, 2018HVAC System

Crawl Space Safety 101Your home's crawl space allows access to parts of your plumbing, wiring, and HVAC systems, so there will be times when you need to venture down there. When you do, proper crawl space safety is essential. In addition to being cramped, even in Fort Wayne's mild late spring and summer weather, the space can get hot and stuffy. A little preparation will keep you safe.

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How to Help Your HVAC Change SeasonsAn ideal time to perform maintenance on your home’s HVAC system is the fall or spring during transitioning seasons, in the period before the heating or cooling seasons are ready to start. This fall, take these fall maintenance steps in order to make sure your HVAC system works efficiently, effectively and safely this fall and winter, and is ready to go next year when spring returns.

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Tips for Preparing Your HVAC for WinterWinter can be the toughest time of year in our region, so you want to be sure your HVAC system is in good working order. It's always a good idea to create a fall maintenance list that includes tasks you can perform, as well as maintenance tasks for your HVAC tech. So let's get started here at the end of summer on some HVAC winter prep, before the first cold winds of fall start blowing.

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Avoid Doing These Things to Your Fort Wayne A/CWhile it might seem as if a central A/C runs itself with minimal interference from the homeowner or the home's occupants, that isn't the case. There are some basic rules in order to get optimum efficiency and performance out of your cooling system. Much of this involves being aware of the following things to avoid doing to your A/C.

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What Are the Benefits of Having an HVAC Maintenance Plan?You're probably familiar with the benefits of keeping your heating and cooling system well maintained. Equipment components kept in good condition perform more efficiently and can save you more money with a longer lifespan. To enjoy these benefits, you need to schedule HVAC maintenance at least once a year.

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Keep Your Heat Pump in Prime Condition with Regular MaintenanceAre you getting the most out of your heat pump? If you haven’t scheduled preventative maintenance yet this year, the answer to this question is probably no. Maintenance keeps your heat pump in prime condition by ensuring optimal performance in a comfortable home. Consider the various ways you can take care of your heat pump throughout the season and why a professional tune-up is so important.

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UV Lights: What Kind of Maintenance Is Required?UV lights shine brightly against airborne pathogens that infiltrate your home’s heating and cooling system. Hospitals and other medical facilities have long utilized the disinfecting power of certain wavelengths of ultraviolet light to sterilize air and surfaces.

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Heat Pump and A/C Thieves Can Ruin Your Day, and Your PocketbookHeat pump and A/C thieves have become more prevalent across the country as the price of copper goes up. For Indiana homeowners, theft of outside HVAC condensing units can easily ruin your day and cost you thousands of dollars in unit replacement. But homeowners who are aware of the threat of heat pump and A/C thieves can take the proper measures necessary to protect                                            their homes and prevent copper theft from occurring on their property.

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Sorting Out Those Contractor Quotes: Which Should You Choose?Taking the time to hire the right HVAC contractor for your Fort Wayne area home can save you both time and money. After narrowing down the search field, the final step is to take all the contractor quotes you’ve obtained and pick the one best suited to do the job, but how? Here are some great tips to help you make the right decision the first time.

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