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heat pump heatWhile heat pump heat is reliable and efficient, it’s also versatile. Unlike a standard gas-fired or electric furnace, a heat pump can generate comfortable warmth in several modes. While extreme temperature conditions may affect system performance, this is increasingly uncommon as today’s new heat pumps are more efficient to produce adequate heat—even if temperatures outside fall well below freezing. Here are three heating modes that ensure your home stays comfortable no matter what the outdoor conditions may be.

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New Home Addition? Try a Ductless System | Hartman Bros.When your home was built, odds are that a lot of careful through went into the ductwork design. A central HVAC system needs to carefully regulate the pressure in the ducts to deliver the right amount of air to every part of your home. If you're adding onto your home, amending this careful balancing can become a challenge — but you don't want to exclude your new addition from your heating and cooling considerations. In this case, a ductless system may be the answer.

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The Importance of Sizing Your Geothermal Heat Pump ProperlyIn order to reach the highest energy efficiency a geothermal cooling and heating system offers, don't take shortcuts when it comes to sizing your geothermal heat pump. Going through the sizing process carefully with an HVAC contractor who specializes in geothermal systems ensures that the system you choose will be able to handle the conditioning load in your home and deliver the longevity the system promises.

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Keep Your Heat Pump in Prime Condition with Regular MaintenanceAre you getting the most out of your heat pump? If you haven’t scheduled preventative maintenance yet this year, the answer to this question is probably no. Maintenance keeps your heat pump in prime condition by ensuring optimal performance in a comfortable home. Consider the various ways you can take care of your heat pump throughout the season and why a professional tune-up is so important.

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Heat Pump or Furnace? Make the Best Decision for Your New Haven HomeThere are many factors to weigh when shopping for a new heating system. The energy source, for one, must be available. Additionally, system size and heat output should adequately meet, but not exceed your home’s load. In some instances, you may also consider additional services when applicable, such as home cooling and water heating.

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Auxiliary Heating for Your Heat Pump: What's the Best?Heat pumps are economical and efficient way to both heat and cool your home. Although a heat pump has many advantages, it does have one serious limitation – with most standard models of air-source heat pump, the appliance struggles to maintain comfortable heating when temperatures fall below freezing. That's why they almost always come with an auxiliary, or backup/emergency heating method.

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Get Your Heat Pump Ready for Fall By Changing ModesPreparing your heat pump for the heating season requires more than switching it from A/C mode to Heat mode on your thermostat. When you take the time to prepare and maintain your heat pump before the cold weather arrives, you help maximize its performance and catch small problems before they become unwanted expensive headaches during a heating contractor’s busiest season.

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Issues With the Heat Pump A/C? Tips for TroubleshootingKeeping your Fort Wayne area home's heat pump A/C working properly is critical for maintaining a comfortable home in the hot summer months. If your heat pump won't cool your home, you will want it working correctly as soon as possible. Try these quick troubleshooting tips to help get your heat pump A/C back on track:

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Maintenance Tips to Make Sure that Your Heat Pump is Working CorrectlyAn inefficient heat pump can greatly affect how much you pay for your heating and cooling costs. Taking the time to make sure that your heat pump is working as well as possible can not only save you money on heating and cooling costs, it can extend the life of the heat pump. Below are a few valuable tips to help you keep your heat pump working as efficiently as possible.

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Programming Your Heat Pump's Thermostat: It's DifferentIn homes heated by a furnace, setting the temperature back at night ensures energy savings. That’s not necessarily the case with a heat pump, however. In order to avoid turning on the backup electric resistance heat during the recovery period (when the unit is working to get back to your comfort temperature), the heat pump's thermostat needs to work in a special way.

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An Air Source Heat Pump Also Keeps Your Fort Wayne Home CoolSavvy Fort Wayne area homeowners who use heat pumps for energy-efficient heating can also enjoy efficient cooling and dehumidification for their homes during the cooling months. If you're in the market for a new air conditioning system, consider the benefits of an air-source heat pump as an all-in-one cooling and heating solution.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps Have Problems Too: Common IssuesWhile geothermal heat pumps are an energy-efficient option for heating and cooling your home, you may find that after a period of time, things don't work as well as they did when the geothermal heat pump was first installed. There are some common issues that you can look for before you call in a professional, and some things you shouldn't try to handle yourself.

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In the spring before your heat pumps switches over to its cooling function, a yearly maintenance check is a good idea. An HVAC professional will inspect the unit for rust, leaks, corrosion and any wiring that appears frayed or loose. The service technician also will check the heat pump condenser, compressor, fans, indoor and outdoor coils, air filter, airflow and refrigerant lines. He will clean and oil parts that need those services. He also will measure the amount of refrigerant in the heat pump system and add refrigerant if necessary.

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If you’re getting ready to install a heat-pump system in your Fort Wayne home, you’ll ensure peak performance and optimal home comfort by first prepping your home. Prepping the home involves lowering its heating and cooling load so that you can install a smaller-sized system and/or the unit can operate efficiently, as well as addressing ductwork factors and following proper installation guidelines.

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