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heat pumps new haven indianaIf you've been considering buying a heat pump for your home heating and cooling needs, you've probably already found out how efficient these systems can be. As heat pump technology improves, new features get added to these systems. Here are some of the advanced functions and features you can look for when choosing among available heap pumps.

  • Two-speed compressors: Most heat pump compressors operate at only one speed, but two-speed compressors operate at a level that accurately responds to the actual cooling needs at the time. These compressors will run at a lower level (typically around 65-70 percent) most often, which reduces the amount of electricity used and saves energy and money while reducing overall wear on the system. During extreme temperatures, they can kick into 100 percent operation.
  • Variable-speed blower motors: Blowers are the parts of the air handling system that move conditioned air into your home. Variable-speed or dual-speed blower motors provide a lower level of operation for times when less airflow is needed. As with dual-speed compressors, this multi-tiered level of operation improves system efficiency and savings of energy and money.
  • Desuperheaters: Desuperheaters capture excess heat from the system's cooling mode and diverts it for use in heating water for household use. These units can be twice or three times more efficient than standard water heaters.
  • Back-up burners: Most heat pumps include a set of electric resistance coils that generate heat when outdoor temperatures drop to around freezing, the level at which heat pumps lose heating efficiency. Back-up burners supplement the heat produced by these coils and reduce the amount of electricity the system uses to generate heating under these conditions.
  • Scroll compressors: Scroll compressors consist of two spiral-shaped units, or scrolls, that improve the compression of refrigerant by forcing it into progressively smaller areas. They are quieter and will last longer than traditional piston-type compressors, and have been shown to provide significantly warmer air during heating operations.

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