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The Importance of Sizing Your Geothermal Heat Pump ProperlyIn order to reach the highest energy efficiency a geothermal cooling and heating system offers, don't take shortcuts when it comes to sizing your geothermal heat pump. Going through the sizing process carefully with an HVAC contractor who specializes in geothermal systems ensures that the system you choose will be able to handle the conditioning load in your home and deliver the longevity the system promises.

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True or False? These Geothermal Myths Are Not to be BelievedGeothermal heating and cooling systems are gaining in popularity in the United States. They provide energy-efficient heating in the summer, by transferred heat energy from a few feet underground into the home, and cool your home in the summer by depositing heat energy from the home back into the ground. They manage this heat-exchange process by transferring the heat via a system of pipes, usually excavated and installed underground.

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Geothermal Cooling: Here's How It WorksGeothermal cooling and heating systems are a high-efficiency option worth considering for your Fort Wayne area home. Geothermal heat pumps provide numerous benefits, when compared to conventional furnace/air-conditioning systems, including low energy consumption. According to estimates released by the U.S. Department of Energy, a geothermal heating and cooling system can save you as much as 70 percent on your heating bills and 50 percent on cooling costs.

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The Geothermal Heat Pump: Weighing Your Initial Investment Against Long-Term SavingsIf you'd like one of the most efficient ways of heating and cooling your Indiana home, you can't do any better than a geothermal heat pump. These tap into the stable underground temperatures to deliver heated and cooled air. Temperatures above ground fluctuate a great deal, but below the surface of the soil, the temperatures are relatively stable. A heat pump doesn't use any fuel except for electricity and just exchanges or captures heat. 

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