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Clean Up Your Air With These Houseplants | Hartman BrothersHouseplants don't just add natural beauty and a sense of serenity to your home — numerous studies show that certain plants also absorb dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOC) and clean the air. To see the greatest air quality improvement, add two of the following beneficial houseplants per 100 square feet of living space.

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Bathroom Ventilation 101 | Hartman BrothersA lot of humidity gets added to your indoor air from daily activities like showering and bathing. If you don't have adequate bathroom ventilation, that excess moisture creates a hospitable environment for mold and mildew, degrades your air quality, overworks your cooling equipment and increases your energy bills. Here are some helpful tips on how to use ventilation to avoid these problems.

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Here's Why Buying the System is Better Than Just the UnitMany homeowners consider purchasing an entire HVAC system to be less economical than replacing just the part of the system that's giving them the most problems. On the contrary, replacing the whole system may help you save money and give you several other benefits. Here's what you stand to gain by buying an HVAC system rather than just a single unit.

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The Difference Between the "Feels Like" Temperature and What Your Thermostat is SayingWhen the number on your thermostat display doesn't match up to the "feels like" temperature inside your home, it's frustrating and worrisome. A difference between the actual and displayed temperature is often due to humidity, or the amount of moisture in the indoor air. Here's a look at why this inconsistency happens, along with some suggestions on to make your home more comfortable.

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Don't Forget to Spring Clean Your HVAC SystemWith spring in full bloom here in the Midwest, it's important to add your HVAC system to spring cleaning tasks. A clean, properly maintained central cooling and heating system will operate more efficiently, provide greater comfort and be less prone to breakdowns. Try these HVAC spring cleaning steps:

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Things to Know About Attic SafetyEventually, if your home has an accessible attic, you're probably going to end up climbing up to perform maintenance, repairs, or to store or retrieve belongings. And if not you, technicians likely will venture into your attic to work on ventilation, ducts, insulation, air sealing, electrical issues, etc. Either way, you should consider attic safety before you or a professional technician goes into the attic. Following are some attic safety tips that will minimize the risk of injury and other mishaps in your attic.

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Storm Season Preparation TipsHere in Indiana, once spring arrives, so does the season of tornadoes and other strong storms. While you're probably familiar with the first rule of protecting you and your family from a bad storm (get inside fast!), other rules and guidelines should be followed as well. Some of them are intended to protect your home's HVAC system. Following are some tried-and-true tips for spring storm preparation.

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Safeguarding Your HVAC System Components this SpringIf your home has a central cooling system or heat pump, you may want to protect your HVAC system from copper theft. The outdoor condenser contains copper tubing that can be recycled for cash. It takes just a few minutes for thieves to remove the outer cover from the condenser and rip the coils from the unit.

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What to Know About Manuals S, D, and JWhether you're replacing an old HVAC system in your current home or installing a new system in the home you're building, you've probably encountered the terms Manual S, Manual D, and Manual J. These are important components in finding the best system for your home. They're also frequently confusing terms to understand, so here's what you need to know:

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Tips for Purchasing a New Air ConditionerBuying a new air conditioner can be a daunting task for the homeowner, but if your A/C is getting on in years, losing efficiency, racking up repair bills, or simply not performing as well as you'd like it to, it can be a major improvement. Follow these tips to make sure that your new A/C will serve you well:

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HVAC Basics: Understanding RefrigerantIf you're like most homeowners, you have only a vague understanding of how your central air conditioner works. As long as it's keeping your home cool during a hot Indiana summer, it might as well be magic. But realistically, having a basic understanding of the refrigeration process at the heart of air conditioning will help you troubleshoot problems with your A/C and make you a better informed consumer when shopping for a new cooling system.

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How Do Your HVAC System Components Work Together?Your home HVAC system can seem extremely complicated: after all, you may have an air conditioner, a furnace, a thermostat, a network of ducts, air filters, and even auxiliary systems like air cleaners or ventilation solutions. But all of these HVAC system components come together into one larger picture that keeps your home comfortable. Here's how:

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Taking Advantage of HVAC RebatesIf you're looking to upgrade an HVAC system in your Fort Wayne area home, you might be surprised at the many rebates and incentives that are available in our part of Indiana. Most are intended to promote energy efficiency. Following are a few of the many HVAC rebates and other incentives you might be able to take advantage of:

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