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Don't Let Noisy Air Vents Be a NuisanceIf your central heating and cooling system makes a lot of racket when it's running, particularly from the ducts that are carrying the air, don't assume you can't do anything about it. In most homes with this problem, there are specific reasons why you have noisy air vents and ducts, and specific ways to reduce the racket.

How a Central HVAC System Works

In a central heating or cooling system, the HVAC equipment heats or cools the air, which is then distributed throughout the house via a system of ducts, registers and vents. However, the air needs an easy path back to the HVAC equipment, which is where return registers and ducts enter the picture. The blower or air handler not only blows supply air out into the house; it draws return air back to the equipment through return ducts so it can be cooled or heated all over again.

Why So Much Noise?

Often, noisy air vents and ducts are a result of return air having difficulty making it back to the furnace or A/C equipment. When air has a harder time making it back to the HVAC equipment, it increases in velocity, which increases the noise level. More noise may also result from the resulting air pressure imbalance, which increases air movement and infiltration into/escape from the house as the pressure tries to equalize.

What to Do About it?

These things may be the result of a design flaw (not enough return registers or vents), in which case the fix can be quite expensive. Running new ductwork, with new grilles and registers, is neither easy nor cheap. However, the problem might be something as simple as closed or blocked-off return registers and vents, a dirty and clogged return duct system, or a dirty air filter. If you make sure all of the registers and vents are open; that your duct system is clean; and the air filter is fresh, you might find you have a quieter HVAC system.

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