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Set to Cool but Blowing Hot: Air Conditioning IssuesIf your HVAC settings appear to be correct, why in the world is your air conditioner blowing hot air? The most basic function of an A/C is to deliver cool comfort, so if you’re feeling a warm blast from the vents instead, something’s definitely amiss. It may be a simple matter you can resolve yourself or it may require diagnosis by a qualified technician. Here are some scenarios that might be at fault if your HVAC settings are blowing hot air instead of cool.

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Things Homeowners Should Know About RefrigerantWhat do you know about refrigerant? You're probably aware that there is refrigerant in your air conditioner, but you may not know much more about it than that. Understanding what refrigerant does, why it's important to handle it properly and changes in rules regarding the use of different types of refrigerant can help you save money by avoiding problems. Here are some things to know about refrigerant.

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HVAC Basics: Understanding RefrigerantIf you're like most homeowners, you have only a vague understanding of how your central air conditioner works. As long as it's keeping your home cool during a hot Indiana summer, it might as well be magic. But realistically, having a basic understanding of the refrigeration process at the heart of air conditioning will help you troubleshoot problems with your A/C and make you a better informed consumer when shopping for a new cooling system.

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What Should an HVAC Pro Check During Regular A/C Maintenance?When's the last time you scheduled a preventive maintenance tune-up for your home's central air conditioning system? If you can't remember, or it's been more than a year, you should schedule an A/C maintenance visit as soon as possible. Your system has likely lost efficiency and may be under-performing, while small problems that haven't been addressed may be developing into larger ones. Most HVAC experts recommend annual service on your central A/C and semi-annual service for heat pumps.

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How to Determine What A/C Noises Mean in Your Fort Wayne HomeSummers in Fort Wayne can be brutal, and having a functioning central air conditioner makes your home a nice retreat from the heat and humidity. Knowing when you have a problem with your cooling system will keep your home cool this summer. This means listening to the different A/C noises that come out of your equipment, and understanding what they mean.

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How Does Air Conditioning Work? The More You Know About Yours, the BetterAlthough about 86 percent of American homes have air conditioning, few people know how their system works. Knowing a little about how your air conditioner keeps your Fort Wayne area home cool during the long, hot summer can help you troubleshoot common air conditioning problems, as well as effectively communicate with your service technician when repairs are needed. 

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Air Conditioning Terms: Are You Cool With The Language?When replacing or repairingyour air conditioner, it can be wise to familiarize yourself with the air conditioning terms and concepts used within the industry. To assist you in learning this somewhat foreign language, we've put together a list of air conditioning terms and definitions you should know.

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A Safety Cap For Your Air Conditioner: Without It, Your Childproofing Isn't FinishedKeeping your air conditioner safe from theft and tampering is an ongoing concern, especially for homeowners with large outdoor cooling units. Copper and valuable metal has often been stolen from cooling systems, but current trends suggest a new target for thieves: the refrigerant in the system.

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A/C Basics: Selecting The Right System To Maximize Comfort And SavingsPurchasing an air conditioner doesn't happen very often, which is one reason it's such a big decision for homeowners. If you have never installed a new cooling system, it helps to start by learning a few A/C basics. Knowing how an air conditioner works can help you select the system that makes the most sense for your home.

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