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Ways Weather Can Affect Your Energy BillLots of things affect your energy bill, but obviously, weather is a major factors impacting how much you spend on maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. In the summer and winter, when temperatures are colder or warmer, we use more power and our bills go up. But weather can affect our energy bills in other ways too. Here's how to understand some of them.

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Here's Why Insulation is Still Important During the SummerYou're probably well aware of the benefits that insulation provides during the heating season. Snug in your warm house during the winter months, you know that without a well-insulated house, you'd freeze and end up with expensive heating bills. Yet, the same dynamic occurs in the summertime if your home isn't properly insulated.

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Keep Your Air Conditioner From Freezing This Summer | Hartman Bros.No, a frozen air conditioner won’t make your home even cooler this summer. In fact, ice formation on the A/C indoor evaporator coil will cause cooling performance to decline steadily and rapidly. It may eventually damage expensive components like the compressor and even cause water damage inside the house (when the system shuts down and all that ice melts).

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