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As the approach of winter shifts the focus to your home heating system, there’s a natural tendency to put off any pending A/C repair work until next spring. If you’ve put up with one or more air conditioning issues during the summer, you may not feel the urgency to deal with them now, as outdoor temperatures begin dropping. However, there are several reasons why fall and winter are actually good times to schedule A/C repair work, after all.

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low refrigerantYou can think of refrigerant as the blood of your air conditioning system. When the system runs low on this vital fluid, it can't operate at optimum performance. As a result, you may notice changes to your home's comfort levels. Watch out for these signs of your A/C system having low refrigerant.

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Troubleshooting the A/C SystemAs the summer in Fort Wayne heats up, you may find yourself paying closer attention to how your air conditioner behaves. Unfamiliar noises or changes in the way the A/C performs can put a homeowner on edge. Some noises are likely to be innocuous, and some changes in performance might be simple fixes. Here's some information on troubleshooting your air conditioner before you call for help.

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HVAC Replacements and Maintenance TimelineOf all of the appliances in a home, the HVAC system is usually the hardest worker. It takes a lot of energy to keep a home feeling comfortable. This means that the HVAC system needs regular care and that it will eventually need to be replaced. Many factors influence the lifespan of a heating and cooling system, but here is the typical HVAC maintenance timeline and when you should consider replacing the system.

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Keep Your Air Conditioner From Freezing This Summer | Hartman Bros.No, a frozen air conditioner won’t make your home even cooler this summer. In fact, ice formation on the A/C indoor evaporator coil will cause cooling performance to decline steadily and rapidly. It may eventually damage expensive components like the compressor and even cause water damage inside the house (when the system shuts down and all that ice melts).

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What Should an HVAC Pro Check During Regular A/C Maintenance?When's the last time you scheduled a preventive maintenance tune-up for your home's central air conditioning system? If you can't remember, or it's been more than a year, you should schedule an A/C maintenance visit as soon as possible. Your system has likely lost efficiency and may be under-performing, while small problems that haven't been addressed may be developing into larger ones. Most HVAC experts recommend annual service on your central A/C and semi-annual service for heat pumps.

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How to Determine What A/C Noises Mean in Your Fort Wayne HomeSummers in Fort Wayne can be brutal, and having a functioning central air conditioner makes your home a nice retreat from the heat and humidity. Knowing when you have a problem with your cooling system will keep your home cool this summer. This means listening to the different A/C noises that come out of your equipment, and understanding what they mean.

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When You Turn the A/C Off for the Year, Do Some MaintenanceWhen summer winds down, it is time to think about end-of-season air conditioning care. The steps you take in the fall can help protect your A/C through the cooler months. Before you focus on your home’s heating system and taking home winterizing steps, here is what to do after you turn the A/C off.

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A Maintenance Agreement Gives You an Edge on Comfort, Extending Your Equipment's LifeHaving a maintenance agreement with a dependable contractor keeps your A/C working in the best possible condition with optimum efficiency. Scheduled maintenance also can identify small problems before they become large and expensive. In particular, regular inspections of your A/C can spot a potential problem that may still be under warranty before the warranty expires, saving you costly repairs. In extreme weather changes, such as a heat wave or unexpected cold snap, contractors receive many calls for services. You can stay ahead of the game with a maintenance agreement.

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