Winter A/C Repairs: They're Just as Important

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As the approach of winter shifts the focus to your home heating system, there’s a natural tendency to put off any pending A/C repair work until next spring. If you’ve put up with one or more air conditioning issues during the summer, you may not feel the urgency to deal with them now, as outdoor temperatures begin dropping. However, there are several reasons why fall and winter are actually good times to schedule A/C repair work, after all.

It’s not an emergency.

Since you probably aren't desperate for cool comfort at this time of year—versus, say, a sweltering weekend in mid-July—you probably don’t require an expensive emergency call. You can schedule repairs with an HVAC contractor during regular hours at standard prices.

You won’t miss it.

Air conditioner repairs may require shutting down the system for a certain time period to get the job done. Once your A/C is already retired for the season, you won't be inconvenienced or uncomfortable without it.

You'll avoid making things worse.

It’s not uncommon in our climate to alternate between the A/C and furnace for a few days now and then during this transitional season. By continuing to operate an air conditioner with an existing malfunction—even only occasionally—you may exacerbate the problem and inflict additional damage and expense, as well as shorten the service life of the unit.

Spring is the busy season.

Putting off A/C repair until next spring may mean waiting for your turn. As summer approaches, a reputable HVAC contractor may be swamped with work installing new systems and fixing existing units. Quick response for repair work may not be readily available in your most desired time frame.

The best time for A/C repair is when your furnace is keeping the home comfortable. Contact the service professionals at Hartman Brothers to schedule an appointment.

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