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Ways to Increase Air Conditioner Efficiency | Hartman BrothersIt seems as if we hardly get a break from the costs of heating our homes in winter before it's time to turn on the air conditioner and watch our cooling bills soar higher again. But the savviest homeowners in the Fort Wayne area know there are ways to keep those bills at a reasonable rate by practicing air conditioner efficiency. Here are some ways you can run your A/C more efficiently and save on your utility bills.

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Don't Let These Home Cooling Myths Lead You AstrayWhen it comes to home cooling, you should take advantage of every opportunity to save on energy. One such opportunity is to have accurate information about your air conditioning system and how it works. That's why it's important to be aware of bogus home cooling myths that are floating around. The following are a few of these myths, along with the correct information.

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Keep Cool With Home Ventilation Options in Fort WayneThe weather is warming, and many Fort Wayne homeowners are looking for ways to beat the stuffy summer heat. While air conditioning, ceiling fans and proper humidity control play a large part in keeping your home comfortable, you shouldn't overlook home ventilation. Ventilation can be one of the biggest factors in keeping your home cool and your indoor air quality high.

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Reverse the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan and Feel Cooler This SummerCeiling fans are one of the most misunderstood appliances in your home. Most people don't realize that they can be operated during the heating season to move warm air down into the living spaces where occupants can feel it. However, if you're in the know, and are aware of the wintertime benefits of ceiling fans, it's important that when spring arrives, you remember to reverse the blade rotation direction of your ceiling fan back to the default setting for cooling (counterclockwise). Otherwise, you'll miss the cooling effect of your ceiling fans when it gets hot outside.

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Your A/C And Ceiling Fans: A Terrific Cooling ComboAir conditioning your home can be quite expensive when it requires constant cooling during the summer. Constantly relying on your air conditioner uses up a lot of energy, as well as wearing out your A/C. However, you can reduce your air conditioning costs by installing and using ceiling fans in your Indiana home. They provide a perfect complement to the cooling done by your A/C.

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