How Changing Ceiling Fan Directions Can Save MoneyAre you looking for ways to save money on cooling your home this summer? If so, there are lots of energy-saving tactics to try, but one of the easiest is changing the blade direction on the ceiling fans throughout the house. Changing ceiling fan direction isn't difficult, and tackling this one simple chore before cooling season arrives can help you reduce your summertime energy bills and bring you other cost-saving benefits like longer equipment service life too.

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Reverse the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan and Feel Cooler This SummerCeiling fans are one of the most misunderstood appliances in your home. Most people don't realize that they can be operated during the heating season to move warm air down into the living spaces where occupants can feel it. However, if you're in the know, and are aware of the wintertime benefits of ceiling fans, it's important that when spring arrives, you remember to reverse the blade rotation direction of your ceiling fan back to the default setting for cooling (counterclockwise). Otherwise, you'll miss the cooling effect of your ceiling fans when it gets hot outside.

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Your A/C And Ceiling Fans: A Terrific Cooling ComboAir conditioning your home can be quite expensive when it requires constant cooling during the summer. Constantly relying on your air conditioner uses up a lot of energy, as well as wearing out your A/C. However, you can reduce your air conditioning costs by installing and using ceiling fans in your Indiana home. They provide a perfect complement to the cooling done by your A/C.

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Your Air Conditioner And Ceiling Fans: Together, They Work BetterImproving the efficiency of your home cooling will not only make you and your family more comfortable, it will also reduce your monthly energy bills. Using a ceiling fan in combination with your air conditioner creates a home comfort system that is much more effective than either fan or air conditioner working alone.

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