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Taking Advantage of HVAC RebatesIf you're looking to upgrade an HVAC system in your Fort Wayne area home, you might be surprised at the many rebates and incentives that are available in our part of Indiana. Most are intended to promote energy efficiency. Following are a few of the many HVAC rebates and other incentives you might be able to take advantage of:

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Use Geothermal Tax Credits and Save on A/C BillsGeothermal heat pumps (GHPs) have a well-earned reputation for being among the most energy-efficient ways to cool and heat homes. The federal government recognizes this and offers geothermal tax credits for any homeowner who installs a qualifying system in a primary or vacation home. These tax credits are available through the end of December 2016. 

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Those Energy-Efficiency Tax Credits: Time to Use Them Has Almost Run OutIf you have bought eligible energy-efficient equipment or home improvements in 2012 or 2013, there's still time to take advantage of federal tax credits before they expire. The reinstatement of the 25C residential energy-efficiency tax credits early this year created a great opportunity for homeowners to save money on their tax returns. You may be able to take advantage of these benefits with improvements in your Fort Wayne area home.

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Got Tax Credits? Use Them This Summer on a New A/CIt's not too early to be thinking about your 2013 taxes. After all, the actions you take this year affect the tax bill you'll have to pay next spring. One of the ways you can reduce your tax obligations come tax day is to take advantage of the federal energy tax credits. If you've been thinking about upgrading your air conditioning system, it makes sense to act this year.

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Tax Credits For Energy Efficiency Upgrades: They're Restored, And They're RetroactiveBack in 2009, tax credits for energy efficiency upgrades were enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. These tax credits motivated Americans across the country to replace old, inefficient equipment with new high-efficiency HVAC systems, with consumers taking advantage of $290.7 billion in tax credits. The credits expired at the end of 2011, but Congress has reinstated them as part of the "fiscal cliff" agreement of January 2013. Learn the terms of the tax credits for energy efficiency upgrades, and how to qualify.

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